Speakers 2022

Abdulmonem Alali

General manager, Alsyahi Saudi Arabia (online)

Rajan Sehgal

Chairman Travel Agents Association of India, Northern Region (TAAI-NR) India (online)

Artur Abdrashitov

Minister of Tourism of the Samara region

Vazgen Avetisyan

Marketing and Sales Director, Regional Tourism Development Center

Natalya Aylarova

Director of the travel company "Shoria"

Anna Alexandrovna

Professor of the Department of Recreational Geography and Tourism of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Laureate of the Russian Government Prize in the field of tourism, Doctor of Economics, Professor

Oleg Alekseev

President of the National Association of Event Tourism Specialists (NAST), Head of the BAIKAL VIEW TRAVELLER tour operator, General Director of the international tourism portal "Live Map"

Nikita Andreev

Executive Producer of Russia Beyond

Ksenia Andrianova

Head of the department of support and development of a network of travel agencies,

Maria Anisimova

STK tour

Roman Arseniy

Head of the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management of RMAT, specialist in hotel classification

Dmitry Arutyunov

General Director, tour operator "ART TOUR"

Rustem Afzalov

Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Sergey Babaev

Journalist, TV presenter, presenter of the program "Good morning" on Channel One

Maria Badmatsyrenova

Head of the Tourist Center, Ministry for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic

Olga Baibakova

Business coach (ICBT certification), coach of the ACSTH qualification (International Coaching Academy (ICF member), facilitator of organizational changes, partner of the international certification body TUV Austria (teacher of training programs according to ISO 23 592 "Excellent service: principles and model")

Alexander Bayborodin

President of PravTurSoyuz, Head of the law firm "Lawyers for the tourist business "Bayborodin and Partners"

Svetlana Bakulina

Deputy Minister of Culture of the Omsk Region

Gennady Bandeev

Director of LLC "Resorts of Buryatia"

Yuri Barzykin

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Association "TURPOMOSCH", Vice-President of the PCT

Daniel Bezdenezhnykh

Head, tour operator "Guild of Travelers"

Alexandra Blanco

Director for the Development of Tourism Relations between Russia and the Middle East, Hotels Key Company

Konstantin Bogdanenko

President of the group of companies "DNS Development"

Elizaveta Bordykova

General Director, tour operator "LBTour"

Marina Borisovskaya

Commercial Director, TО Sarykum-Tour by Cronwell

Vladimir Bragin

Chef of the restaurant with the Siberian character "Zaboy"

Pierre-Christian Brochet

Curator of the direction "Contemporary Art" of the HSE School of Design, Head of the profile "Curatorship and Art Management" of the educational program "Management in Creative Industries" of the HSE

Vitaliy Burlakov

Founder, LLC "GLK "Holdomi"

Igor Bukharov

Russian restaurateur, businessman, President of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia

Mikhail Vagaytsev

Director of the Investor Relations Department, Tourism Corporation.RF

Alexey Vengin

Head of the Inbound Tourism Committee; General Director of the media holding

Vladislava Vishnevskaya

Head of the Competence Center in the Field of Tourism of the Ugra Development Fund

Kirill Volkov

Director, Travel Russian News

Alexey Volov

PhD in Economics, Founder and Head of the Hotel Business Academy & Hotel Business Forum

Vadim Volchenko

Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea

Lyubov Voronina

Head of Media Hub Development to

Alexey Vysokanov

General Director, Atelika Hotel Group

Angela Galkina

Founder, Professional group of the travel industry "Radio Travel"

Leonid Gelibterman

President of the International Enogastronomical Center (Moscow); Member of the Presidium of the Expert Council on Gastronomic Tourism of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Chairman of the Committee on Gastronomic Tourism of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT)

Mikhail Getz

General Director of Knauf prefab construction

Olga Golubeva

Deputy Chairman of the Committee – Head of the Tourism Department of the Committee for Culture and Tourism of the Leningrad Region

Olga Guzhauskaite

CEO of Future Hotel Design

Marina Guzhichenko

Head of the project "Flax county", Bezhetsk

Dinara Gumarova

CEO, Hotelbook

Anna Gurinchuk

Director of Travel Business School. Specialist in the field of tourism and hospitality. Expert of regional and federal professional competitions. Expert in the development of the tourist potential of territories

Mikhail Danilov

Medical Director of the Association of Health Tourism and Corporate Health An expert on management and medical activities in the sanatorium, medical and wellness sphere.

Oksana Danilova

Head of the Commercial Department of JSC "TKP"

Mikhail Drutman

Director of Baltma Tours

Marina Egorova

Chairman of the Pskov Region Tourism Committee

Alexander Eshmekov

Director of work with hotels in TravelLine

Alena Zhelnova

Sales Director, FUTURE PERFECT

Julia Jolya

Executive Director of the National Association of Event Organizers (NAOM), representative of Russia Beyond

Sergey Zenkin

Founder of the first commercial tour operator in Russia – the company "Wind Rose", commercial director of LLC "Audit, consulting, design", honorary worker of the tourism industry, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences

Rauf Ismailov

Development Director of VREK Production

Vera Istomina

Representative of the NATO Non-Profit Partnership

Igor Kaverzin

President of the International Academy of Tourism Industry Development (MARCH), General Director of the WEXECON Production Center, Vice President of the National Association of Event Tourism Specialists (NAST), Ph.D. in Economics, Professor of RAE

Vladimir Kazak

Auditor of PravTurSoyuz, leading lawyer, "Lawyers for the tourist business "Bayborodin and Partners"

Tatiana Kaledinа

Director General of the Kaluga Region Tourism Development Agency

Victoria Kalmykova

Online travel agent @viki_travels

Anna Klepikovskaya

Development Director and co-owner of the Golubino Park

Artem Klykov

An expert in the field of hospitality, Director of Development at SWISSAM University, Candidate of Sciences, MBA Expert of the Masters of Hospitality competition

Alexey Kobzev

Head of Tourism Development Department Shor National Park

Maxim Kovalevsky

Member of the legal Committee of "PravTurSoyuz", lawyer, representative of the law firm "Lawyers for the tourist business "Bayborodin and Partners" in St. Petersburg

Anastasia Komissarova

Leading Manager for Promotion and CSR of the Directorate for Interaction with Authorities and Communications of FUN&SUN Tour Operators

Irina Konstantinova

Head of the Project Office "Creative Industries and Tourism" of the Tomsk Region Administration

Evgenia Cop

Первый заместитель генерального директора "Автодор-Девелопмент"

Sergey Korneev

Chairman of the St. Petersburg Tourism Development Committee

Natalia Kostenko

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Tourism and Tourism Infrastructure Development

Daria Kochetkova

PCT Committee on Digitalization in the Tourism Sector, General Director of Agentica Travel (B2B brand.Island)

Sergey Kryachkov

Chairman of the Digital Technologies Committee of the All-Russian Union of the Hospitality Industry, Head of the Educational and design Laboratory of the Digital transformation of the Hospitality industry of RANEPA under the President of the Russian Federation

Elina Kudryavtseva

Project Manager of Visit Tyumen, Mendeleev Marketing Agency

Anton Kudryakov

Leading Expert of the Tourism Development Department of the Passenger Transportation Department, JSC "Russian Railways"

Dmitry Kuznetsov

Director of LLC "Flagship"

Gennady Lamshin

President of the RGA

Natalia Lebedeva

Head of Marketing Direction Russia Beyond

Marina Lebedeva

Director of the MBU "Krasnaya Izba Tourism Development Center", regional representative of the PCT in the Novgorod region, member of the Public Council under the Government of the Novgorod Region and the Administration of the Governor of the Novgorod Region

Marina Lipetskaya

Director, "Center for Strategic Research "North-West"

Daria Lipovik

Director, travel company of Daria Lipovik

Peter Litvintsev

Founder of the tour operator "Towards", developer and guide on unique routes in Russia and abroad

Ksenia Lobach

Director, tour operator "AltaySibTur"

Vladimir Lozenko

CEO, Frame Factory

Maya Lomidze

Executive Director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia

Margarita Lukyanova

Head of the Gefest Event Department

Elena Lysenkova

Deputy Head, Federal Agency for Tourism (Rosturizm)

Kirill Lyakhmanov

Editor of the online magazine "To Whom on the Volga"

Larisa Magkayeva

Project Manager for Export Support of Services, Russian Expert Center (REC)

Nadezhda Makatrova

Director of the consulting company "Concrete"

Artem Malgin

Vice-Rector for Development - Head of the MGIMO Rector's Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

Denis Maltsev

Deputy Head of the Promotion and Marketing Department of the Murmansk Region Tourism Committee

Dmitry Manin

Deputy Head of the Regional Council of the PCT

Elena Martynova

Director of the Regional Fund "Agency for Tourism Development of the Tula Region"

Galina Maslova

Head of sales department, tour operator "Bolshoy Altai"

Dmitry Matveev

General Director, LLC "My Car rental"

Elena Makhrova

Commercial director of the resort "Igora", the hotel chain "Dot on the map", the park-hotel "Winter's Cottage", the tourist operator "Igora Tour"

Artem Machulsky

Development Director of UPRO GROUP, General Director of the sanatorium "Mineralnye Vody" (Zheleznovodsk resort)

Irina Mashtakova

Director, Ankor tour operator; Advisor to the Vice-President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry

Vadim Melnikov

CEO of MTS Travel

Tohir Merzaev

Chief Operating Officer of Seatguru Travel

Nara Miansaryan

Founder and coach, personal brand school "Personal Brand from A to Z"

Valentin Miklyaev

Founder and CEO of Bnovo

Natalia Miteneva

Head of Investment Activity of the Agency for Regional Development of the Arkhangelsk Region

Aleksan Mkrtchyan

General Director of the Pink Elephant Travel Agency Network, Member of the Presidium of the Alliance of Travel Agencies

Anastasia Molochkova

Sales Director of Krasnaya Polyana Resort

Vyacheslav Momot

Director of the Agency for the Development of Tourism, Investments and Entrepreneurship, Mezhdurechensk

Georgiy Mohov

Business Ombudsman. Head of the Legal Commission, Russian Union of Travel Industry. General Director and Founder of the Company, Persona Grata Legal Agency

Yana Muromova

Deputy General Director, ANEX Tour

Alexey Musakin

Вице-президент, Российская Гостиничная Ассоциация;
Руководитель комитета РСТ по инфраструктурным проектам;
Генеральный директор, «Cronwell Management Ltd.»

Margarita Nazarova

Deputy General Director, Multitour tour Operator

Pavel Neon

Director of the Travel Travel Company

Konstantin Nesterenko

Head of the Maxwell Product Marketing Department

Anastasia Nefedova

Curator of the profile "Theater and Cinema Artist" of the HSE, chief artist of the Stanislavsky Electrotheater, twice winner of the Golden Mask Award

Anna Nosova

Director of Territorial Projects of the Wind Power Company

Alexander Osaulenko

Director, Association "Tourist Assistance"

Daria Ostrovskaya

General Director of the R&C Exhibition Research Center, Member of the Board of the National Congress Bureau, Member of the Board of Directors of the World Association of the Exhibition Industry UFI (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Anna Pelymskaya

Lead producer of the Production direction, Mendeleev Marketing Agency

Olga Pirogova

Director of the competition, President of the Academy of Tourism and International Relations (Yekaterinburg), Director of the International School of Business and Tourism, Professor of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Executive Director of the tour operator company RuTravel.Business LLC, Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor

Natalia Platonova

Curator of the profile "Tourism and the Economy of Impressions" of the HSE educational program "Management in Creative Industries"

Alyona Plevkova

Director of the tour operator company "Park-tour"; organizer of the national branded route "Tomsk-the heart of Siberia"

Vadim Pogorelov

Chief Lawyer of the company "Lawyers for the tourist business "Bayborodin and Partners"; head of the legal committee of the public organization "Pravtursoyuz"

Dmitry Popov

Deputy Director General of the National Tour operator Alean

Sergey Popovich

Deputy Director of ANO "Altayturcenter"

Vadim Prasov

Vice-President of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia

Arthur Privin

The Head of Madison Travel Agency and Madison Consult Agency, business coach

Vsevolod Pulya

Editor-in-Chief of the Russia Beyond portal

Andrey Purtov

Marketing and strategy consultant. Curator of the course "Marketing and Brand Management" at Britanka, guest lecturer at Lomonosov Moscow State University, FEFU Academy of Management, IBDA RANEPA, Moscow State University "Skolkovo"

Dmitry Pukhov

Head of the Agency of Tourism and Promotion of the Tyumen region

Evgenia Rice

Director, tour operator "Your guide"

Anna Ratnikova

The chief physician of the innovative Prevent age resort First Line. Health Care Resort. Doctor-mentor Therapist, cardiologist of the highest category.

Eleonora Reshetnikova

Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Administration of the municipality "Vyazemsky district" of the Smolensk region

Tatiana Rivchun

Deputy Dean of the HSE Faculty of Creative Industries

Victoria Rodionova

Director of Development, ForWater Company

Valeria Romanenkova

Development Director, Tour Operator OneTouch&Travel

Sergey Romashkin

General Director, tour operator "Dolphin"

Dmitry Rukosuev

Deputy General Director of the Hot Tours and TBG Network networks; owner of the TURSLIVKI profile association; General Director of Alfa Tour; member of PravTurSoyuz

Yulia Rybakova

Advisor to the Head, Federal Agency for Tourism (Rosturizm)

Anna Savkova

Director of the Agency Network Development Department of the Resort Holiday tour operator

Olga Sanaeva

Vice President, Head of the PCT Regional Council

Roman Sementsov

Managing Director for Tourism and Logistics and Transport Infrastructure, JSC Far East and Arctic Development Corporation

Irina Slesareva

Director, ARGO Travel Company

Lyudmila Spiridonova

Executive Director, NAFIG Analytical Center

Natalia Suslova

Head of the Department of Culture, Youth, Sports and Tourism of Rameshkovsky Municipal District, Tver Region

Anton Tarasenko

CEO of Mendeleev Marketing

Alexander Teplyakov

Vice-President, Executive Director of PravTurSoyuz; Marketing and Advertising Director of the law firm "Lawyers for the tourist business "Bayborodin and Partners"

Oleg Terebenin

General Director, Tour Operator of LLC "Visit Murmansk"

Alexander Tertychniy

Director, Anterra LLC

Alexey Tigushkin

Director of the TIC of the Republic of Karelia

Veronica Trikhina

Director of the Kuzbass Tourism Agency

Ekaterina Trofimova

Head of the Center for Tourism and Culture Development of the Arkhangelsk Region

Anna Tukmacheva

General Director of the tour operator company "Center of tourist programs Pilgrim"

Ilya Umansky

Acting President of the PCT, Head of the PCT Committee on Domestic Tourism, CEO of the Alean Company

Zhanna Fedyaeva

Development Manager of the Academy of Hospitality, head of the project "Dream Internship", winner and mentor of the All-Russian competition "Masters of Hospitality"

Anna Filippova

Promotion Director is My Agent

Igor Fomin

General Director of LLC "Velikonovgorod historical entertainment Center "Sadko"

Irina Khomutova

Managing Partner of the Strategic Consulting company Khomutova & Partners

Dmitry Tsapku

Ph.D. Associate Professor of MGLU

Roman Tsvetkov

General Director of ScanTur

Roman Chichkanov

Managing Partner, Medi Spa of Mayrveda Hotel

Dmitry Shevtsov

Head of the Department of Tourism Development and Museum Activities, Deputy Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Vologda Region

Elena Shevyakova

Director of sales and marketing, Green flow Rose Hutor (G. Sochi)

Elena Shkonda

First Deputy Minister of Tourism and Health Resorts of the Stavropol Territory

Sergey Shpilko

Honorary President of the PCT, Chairman of the RSPP Tourism Industry Commission

Sergey Shumov

Head of Papa-Project Studio

Yuri Shchegolkov

Director of the Foundation for the Development of Small Historical Cities

Anisiya Yakusheva

Member of the Expert Council under the Committee for the Development of Tourism Infrastructure of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

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