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If you want to be a specialist in demand in the tourism sector, in addition to having a basic education, you will need to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry's pressing issues and be aware of what is happening "in the field".

You can get such first-hand information directly from the practitioners with extensive experience and knowledge on how to be successful.

“You are our future” Conference is an open educational platform, where the leading industry experts share their knowledge, skills and competencies required for building a successful career in tourism and reaching one’s professional potential.

We invite students, graduates and young professionals to take part in the conference. This is a good chance to debut successfully on a professional arena or to boost your professional activities! We invite travel and hospitality industry specialists to cooperation and partnership.


If you are interested in attending the Conference, please complete and submit the following registration form.
The number of places is limited.
To discuss participation or partnership opportunities please contact us by e-mail:
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