IT technology section within the OTDYKH exhibition: a focus for 34% of the visitors

Tourism is one of the most dynamically developing economic sectors. Today, the successful development of the industry as a whole and each individual tour operator or a hotel in particular, depends on the effective use of information technologies. The application of IT in the creation and marketing of tourism products serves as an important indicator of efficient development and provides a competitive advantage for the market players.

Travelers now prefer to find information and to buy tourist products online. We are witnessing a growing popularity of online travel agents (OTAs), hotel and flight booking systems, CRSs and mobile services. Today, online services and communication with customers play an important role in the tourism business, which will evidently increase in the future. In order to keep our exhibitors and visitors abreast of the latest trends in tourism technology, we organize the Travel Technology exposition within the OTDYKH show.

Conference profile:

  • on-line hotel and flight booking systems
  • OTA - online travel agents
  • payment systems
  • mobile technology
  • CRM systems
  • start-up projects

If you are interested in becoming a participant, please contact Liubov Mordvintseva, phone:
+7 (495) 925 65 61,

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Since 2012, the IT Technology Conference is a highlight of the OTDYKH business programme and a discussion place for the latest innovations and technologies in tourism.

Speakers during the 1-day conference
Over 450
Participants were owners or senior managers

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