Yantra Ayurvedic Beach Resort is the space of harmony and comfort

Yantra Ayurvedic Beach Resort  is  the space of harmony and comfort

This year, Yantra Ayurvedic Beach Resort will perform their exhibition stand ​ in section SPA&HEALTHon the “Leisure 2019”. Yantra Ayurvedic Beach Resort is ​ calm Resort, ​ located on the Arabian sea shore.

Yantra Ayurvedic Beach Resort is ​ miraculous space, which compound ​ harmonically the beach leisure and genuineAyurvedic and SPA therapy.

The resort have all that needed for comfortable rest and situated on Nattica beach near to Triprayar city. ​ Traditional ​ Kerala styled cottages ​ are placed on the seaside and have all modern facilities. Guests can enjoy splendid view ​ eating healthy food ​ ​ in the restaurant.

Yantra Ayurvedic Beach Resort is well known​ by carrying out of panchacarma​ - “total cleaning up” of the body. It​ is one of the anсient technic for anti-aging and purification of energetic canals from 300 years AD. Traditionally ​ panchacarma was used as preparation body for internal changes, which come inevitablewith changing season. It is considered, that panchacarma procedures make clogged canals clear and promote recovering of consciousnesscontinual links with people and nature. The goal of that Ayurvedic program is excretion​ toxins from body for its normal ​ life- activity. Toxins are removed on the cellular level, that help to recover the balance.

The professional ​ Ayurvedic treatment is provided by Yantra Ayurvedic Beach Resort. Also, very experienced massage therapists do all their best for guests health. Among others exercises ​ ​ you will be offer yoga and meditation class. ​

Dainty dishes from the chef, friendly staff and highquality- program let ​ guests to get not only the therapy, but​ to feel phenomenal ​ delight and relax.

Yantra Ayurvedic Beach Resort —dip into the world of true Ayurvedic.



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