Be sure not to miss this year’s special free of charge offers for exhibitors at the upcoming OTDYKH Leisure Fair!

This year, the OTDYKH Leisure Trade Fair is excited to offer exhibitors additional tools and benefits to help them showcase their products to a larger audience and gain new customers.

Exhibitors will get access to a matchmaking appointment system. With this tool, exhibitors will be granted access to a list of other exhibitors and visitors at the fair before the trade show begins. Knowing who will be at the fair will allow exhibitors to better position their brand, arrange meetings with their target clients, increase traffic to their exhibitor stand and quickly establish business contacts.

Hosted Media Program and press tours. Exhibitors will also have access to free publicity with extensive media coverage across at least 10 regions during a special press tour organized by the fair. Media outlets including TV channels, newspapers and Russian trade publications will be present. Media representatives from at least 10 Russian regions will stay all 3 days at the exhibition, to conduct interviews for video coverage and news reports of the exhibitors. Every exhibitor will have the opportunity to present its services, product and innovation during the press tour, expanding their reach to a national and international audience.

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Integration in the official business programme of the exhibition. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present onstage in front of the fair’s numerous attendees. The stage will be equipped with all necessary items for a presentation including Russian translation. For more information, please visit the exhibition website

Exhibitors will also have access to a digital marketing support team that will help them expand the reach of their products and brand. The digital support team will distribute information provided by exhibitors, including news, special announcements and press releases. The information will be disseminated through a variety of channels including the OTDYKH website, partner websites, social media platforms and the expo newsletter which currently has over 98 000 recipients. Exhibitors are invited to submit their news (in Russian or English language) along with photos and their logo for the publication. Additionally, copy submitted in English can be translated, edited by our copywriter and published in Russian.



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