The Travancore Heritage

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The Travancore Heritage. The only resort in Kerala where time stands still.

The Travancore Heritage, one of the famous Ayurveda Beach Resorts in South India, will join the 29th edition of OTDYKH Leisure Fair 2023

Spread over 15 acres the property is built with recreated Palaces and 'Nalukettus' of vintage Kerala and is situated on the pristine beach front of Chowara, South of Kovalam, near Trivandrum in Kerala. The courtyard within the 'Nalukettu' in its center, around which the four wings of the house were built in timber, bring in the air, sunlight and the rain water right into the house making the inhabitants live in tune with Mother Nature. Travancore Heritage comprises of many such houses built at various periods in the past 60 - 100 years from several locations in Travancore, rebuilt at the site after being dismantled and transported with utmost care, with all their architectural grandeur with fine woodcarvings on the rafters, gables and the connecting timber members on the walls intact.

Ayurveda at Anandam Ayurvedic Centre - Keeping Alive the Tradition.

Turn in to watch a great tradition kept alive for you, in all its essence. A garden of rare and precious medicinal herbs nurtured under ideal condition, to give you the best of nature. Anandam Ayurvedic Centre offers a variety of therapeutic packages for you for all seasons. The programmes include Rejuvenation Therapy, Various Clinical Packages and Beauty Care which makes a sea-change in the way you look and feel. Anandam Ayurvedic Centre has developed an ayurvedic menu to suit your taste as well as your digestive special. You can also attend the lectures and join the tours to herbal gardens conducted by Anandam Ayurvedic Centre. We also have various Ayurvedic Massages for short stays.

Our Ayurveda Packages also include daily 1 hour Yoga Class. Ayurveda and Yoga are indispensable part of our Indian Vedic Tradition. They complement each other very well. While Ayurveda heals our Mind and Body, Yoga unleashes superior abilities hidden deep inside us.

We have recently introduced Customized Immunity Programme and this treatment will be given to our Guests after their health report is studied by our Doctors. Looking into the present situation this programme will be very helpful for those who have weak immune system. For ladies we have Ayurvedic Treatment for Menopausal Issues.


Aazhimala Shiva Statue also known as Gangadhareshwara Statue is the tallest Shiva statue in Kerala, located inside the temple premises at Aazhimala Shiva Temple near Poovar - Kovalam Road in Trivandrum. At 52 feet high, the Lord Shiva statue at Azhimala Shiva temple along with beach and cliff around gives breath taking views for nature lovers and pilgrims.

We are looking forward to meet you at OTDYKH Leisure 2023, Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion Forum.

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