Venezuela stands out at the International Tourism Fair in Russia

The 2022 Moscow International Travel and Tourism Fair will run until Thursday

Venezuela stands out as a tourist showcase at the Moscow 2022 International Tourism and Travel Fair (OTDYKH Leisure 2022, in Russian), which began this Tuesday and will run until Thursday in the Russian capital.

“We have had excellent relations in the economy, education, the military, science and technology, and now we are going for tourism. Venezuela has a lot to offer (to Russia)," said the Minister of Tourism of Venezuela, Ali Ernesto Padrón, during an interview with the Russian journalist Victor Ternovsky.


The work agenda at the Fair with authorities of the Russian Federation includes the continuity of the Moscow Porlamar Charter Operation, with which the Venezuelan tourist offer is assured in the Russian market.

In this regard, Minister Padrón highlighted the visit of thousands of Russian tourists to Venezuelan destinations such as Margarita, Canaima and Caracas during the months of September 2021 to March this year.

"It is not strange to hear Russians talk about the pleasant experience they have had in Venezuela (in destinations such as) Margarita Island, Coche Island, Cubagua, Angel Falls, Canaima, Margarita and Caracas," he said in the interview,reviewed by the Venezuelan News Agency.


He reiterated that this tourist exchange will be repeated this October with the work of the Venezuelan flag carrier, Conviasa, which will be in charge of transporting Russian citizens to Porlamar, Nueva Esparta, in a scheme that will have five flights with a transfer capacity 240 passengers each.

Exchange Venezuela – Russia

The Minister of Tourism, Ali Padrón, pointed out that these exchanges are the result of coordinated work between the Venezuelan and Russian states, and highlighted the cooperation of the Russian Federal Tourism Agency and other instances of the Eurasian country.

The minister emphasized that the Bolivarian Government is committed to the consolidation of the multipolar and multicentric world, for which it is making the necessary efforts to strengthen Russia-Venezuela cooperation in tourism.




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